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Barrister and Queens Counsel Testimonials

A selection of comments from Barristers and Queens Counsel

John Coffey QC.

"Having worked with Maria Monan on many recent cases I have always been impressed by the quality of her instructions. She is able to combine an acute appreciation of her client's legal position with a realistic and down to earth approach to the evidential challenges which each case presents. In my experience this is a rare combination and one which will ensure that her clients' best interests are always safeguarded and promoted to maximum effect."

A.D.Davis QC.

"I have worked with and known Maria Monan for many years. Her conduct of cases is always outstanding. She is proactive in her preparation of the case and always follows up advice from counsel. Maria is an excellent solicitor. She has a calm and quiet assurance and earns immediate respect from everyone she meets."

Nadine Radford QC

"I have known Maria Monan as a solicitor for over 10 years. Maria has amazing skills in client care. She provides warm, measured advice that is always well informed and up to date. Any client knows that they can rely on her advice when making the major decisions they are called upon to decide. Maria has a constant eye to detail and knows every inch of her cases. I have had the pleasure of being instructed by Maria on some very serious cases and in each and every instance it has been a pleasure to work with her. I would have no hesitation in recommending her as an outstanding solicitor."

Selwyn Shapiro - Barrister

"Neal is a great Solicitor and is very popular with his clients. He is very thorough, attentive and diligent and he always works and fights very hard for them. He is very approachable, is an excellent “jargon buster” and clients are always comforted that he is on their side and no one else’s. I have known him for his entire career and I recommend him without hesitation."

Jazz Omari - Barrister

"Neal was my instructing solicitor for many criminal cases. He analysed both the legal and factual issues of each case astutely and was adept at formulating sound defence strategies. From Counsel's perspective, Neal was always an ideal instructing solicitor, sending well-prepared papers in good time before trial, with clear and intelligent instructions, and was always available to discuss the case before the hearing.

He always diligently followed up on action points in Counsel's advice, thus ensuring a smooth trial. On a personal level he is respectful and affable to Counsel, the Court and clients alike and is sensitive to the impact of criminal proceedings on each individual client's situation, regardless of whether or not it is their first time experience in the criminal justice system. Overall, he was an absolute pleasure to work with."

Paul Walker

"I have been a criminal barrister for over 24 years and practice from one of London`s leading sets of chambers, 5 King`s Bench Walk. In my time at the Bar I have conducted thousands of cases and worked with hundreds of solicitors. The level of client care and work put into cases by instructing solicitors can vary markedly.

My view of Neal Gozzett is that he falls at the very top of the category of solicitors who strive tirelessly to achieve the required result for their clients.

Neal and I have worked together, over the last 10 years, on a wide variety of serious criminal cases. We have a proven track record of successful outcomes on complex, difficult and unusual cases. They have ranged from allegations of attempted murder to rape and high value frauds. Some of our clients have been described by the police as “professional criminals”. However, for many of our clients it has been their first experience of the criminal justice system.

One of Neal`s great skills is to be able to relate to the background of the person seeking his help, whatever it may be. That may range from a professional footballer to a doctor. From a teacher to a young person with mental health issues.

Experience has shown that the trauma of a criminal case can, through different circumstances, befall anyone. I would, without hesitation, recommend Neal Gozzett as the solicitor to choose if you are ever before a criminal court.”