Sasha Veljanovski, a Cyber Security & Digital Forensic Analyst, has over 18 years' experience working in the IT and digital technology industries. This has given him unparalleled insight and expertise in areas such as computer and mobile phone forensic analysis, cyber crime methods, data recovery, email and database extraction and analysis.

Sasha has worked on a number of high profile criminal and High Court civil cases where his skills in detailed IT system analysis has enabled him to extract robust evidence to support our clients' cases. Due to the nature of his cases, which can involve commercial industrial espionage, fraud investigations and complex divorce matters, he has to be discrete and always operates with the upmost level of tactical awareness and sensitivity.

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Recent Cases

Industrial espionage - Commercial Court case involving numerous laptop analysis and decryption of files.

Darkmarket - Cybercrime website interrogation and extraction .

A range of criminal and civil cases involving:

---- Proving a client's whereabouts by enhancing CCTV footage.

---- Penetration testing to prove that a computer could be controlled remotely.

---- Recovery of deleted phone items to prove that messages were sent.

---- Design of covert surveillance equipment to prove a client's house was being entered while they were at work.

---- Email account extraction and analysis.

A wide range of Legal Aid Agency Very High Cost Cases (VHCC) - complex extraction and analysis of IT database systems, email account and mobile phone records.