Parissa Henney is a consultant solicitor at Monan Gozzett Solicitors. She specialises in family law and can deal with an amicable separation or divorce through to complex matrimonial financial litigation and contentious disputes relating to children.

She has advocacy experience in the Criminal and Family Courts which enables her to deal with a variety of cases when allegations have been made that concern both areas of law.

Parissa is regularly instructed due to her reputation as an approachable and commendable solicitor. She gives the time to each of her clients to ascertain the facts as every client has a unique and personal situation. She will advise on options for alternative dispute resolution if suitable to the case.

Parissa is Chair of West Sussex YRes and is heavily involved with Resolution, an organisation that promotes finding a non-confrontational approach to family problems. Further information can be found at

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Recent Cases
Areas of Expertise

S v S – Her client was the Respondent Husband to a Financial Order Application within Divorce Proceedings. A third parties beneficial interest in the Former Matrimonial Home (FMH) was secured in the case, as well as ensuring that the Respondent had a fair and reasonable cut of the FMH upon sale. She also dealt with a Children Act Application which involved false allegations against the Respondent which went through the criminal court (of which she also had conduct of) and the family court. She is able to deal with complex issues promptly and effectively to get her client a positive outcome.

R v W – Her client was the Applicant Father to a Child Arrangements and Specific Issue Order. He sought to maintain residency of his son when he came of school age and to attend a local school having had him during the week whilst he was at nursery. The Respondent Mother who lived some 40 miles away unsuccessfully contested the application stating that their son should now live with her and attend a school local to her out of the Fathers area. It was ordered the Applicant Father would have residency of his son in the week and that he would attend his local school.

H v H – Her client was the Applicant Wife to a variety of applications including a Non-Molestation Order/Occupation Order and a Financial Order Application. The Respondent Husband was obstructive in his financial disclosure and in his behaviour at Court which resulted successful cost orders for the Applicant Wife. A financial order was agreed prior to a Final Hearing.

R v M - Her client was the Respondent Mother to proceedings of a Child Arrangements Order for contact and residence. The Applicant sought to prevent the Respondent from having residence and wanted her to have supervised contact with the children due to alcoholism. Experts were instructed to prove sobriety and to produce a detailed report. A shared care arrangement including overnight contact with the children (all unsupervised) was achieved for the Respondent.

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