Our private client department has extensive experience creating wills for a wide range of people, covering the simplest to the most complex estates. We offer friendly, reliable legal advice for creating a will and all other issues relating to inheritance law.

Our team can help you prioritise matters and draw your attention to questions you might otherwise overlook, for example: divorced and remarried, own a business or have a share in a partnership or private company.

Your will needs to meet a number of conditions for it be legally valid and minimise the risk of any disputes between your loved ones after you pass away. We can ensure that your will meets the necessary conditions and that all of the relevant issues are considered to avoid any future complications.

If your circumstances change, it is important to update your will as soon as possible. This is commonly required if, for example: you get married or divorced, have children, start or buy a business or there are any other significant changes to your estate.

Depending on the complexity of your estate and the needs of your dependants, working out exactly what provisions are needed for the future of your estate can be a challenge. We can advise you on all of the relevant issues, including your inheritance tax liability, creating trusts and lasting powers of attorney and any other requirements.

Monan Gozzett solicitors can act as executors, this can make the process easier for the beneficiaries during probate. We are able to act as professional executors in appropriate cases, if you are interested in this service, please mention this to us when we are creating or updating your will.

Disputes over the contents of a will can be difficult to resolve, often costing a lot of time and money if not handled correctly. We can advise you on the most effective way to resolve disputes with our focus being on avoiding court action wherever possible. By using methods such as negotiation and mediation, it is possible to resolve inheritance disputes quickly and cost-effectively without going to court.

We can offer assistance in the following areas:

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