Defamation is a tort which relates to the publication of a statement that has caused, or is likely to cause, serious harm to a person’s reputation. The reputational consequences of being defamed can be devastating. Given the increasing prevalence of social media, false or inaccurate content about people posted on social-networking sites, internet forums or blogs can be circulated very quickly, and serious harm can often arise to a person’s reputation if swift action is not taken.

The limitation period for defamation claims is one year from the time the cause of action arises, so it is imperative that you act quickly and seek legal advice as soon as you are aware of any false or inaccurate statements being made about you.

We advise a broad range of individual and corporate clients in relation to claims for libel (a defamatory statement that is published in written form) and slander (a defamatory statement published in spoken or other temporary form).

Our defamation and criminal defence teams often work in conjunction and advise clients who have been falsely accused of committing offences and have had their police investigation discontinued or charges against them dropped. We frequently advise clients on their available options which may include bringing a defamation claim in order to protect their reputation and recover damages. We also provide continuing safeguarding advice to protect clients and their families in case of any further false allegations.

Given that reputations can often be ruined as a result of such publications, our team of expert lawyers are able to provide reputational and crisis management advice immediately when required, in order to place you in the best position moving forward.

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