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Domestic Violence Allegations - Advice and Representation

Arrests in the UK for Domestic Violence have increased dramatically in recent years, due to a government initiative to tackle domestic violence. False allegations for these type of offences have also increased and taking expert advice at an early stage, can be pivotal in securing no further action being taken at the police station stage or securing a not guilty verdict.

We have, by providing expert preparation at an early stage, persuaded the Crown Prosecution Service to take no further action by being pro-active at the investigation stage. Furthermore, evidence gathering by our team of expert lawyers and instructed experts, has led to the prosecuting authorities discontinuing allegations and the court reaching not guilty verdicts. A conviction for an offence of domestic violence can lead to Restraining Orders (even on acquittal) and it is, therefore, imperative to instruct expert lawyers in this field, to have the best chance of success.

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