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False Allegations in the workplace

What to do if you have been falsely accused at work

Being falsely accused in the workplace can be extremely worrying for you and your family. You are thrown into a world of uncertainty and your every move becomes scrutinised. You start to question how to prove your innocence, your reputation can be ruined and the potential loss of employment just adds further pressure to the situation. 

Whilst your natural instinct is to get angry at the false accusations and allegations, you must handle the situation with patience, caution, and expert advice. Allegations like this can potentially lead to police involvement, issues with your regulator and adversely affect your reputation. 

As frustrating as it may be, you must allow the workplace procedure to take its course, but at the same time take extreme caution. People are all to often unaware that comments, or statements made in the course of an employment investigation could be used against you in criminal proceedings and during investigations by your regulator. It is therefore imperative that you seek expert safeguarding advice immediately to put you in the best position moving forward.

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