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Working with you

Nationwide cover and international

We are based predominately in the south east of England, but we operate nationally covering all of England & Wales.  Outside of London and the south east, our clients range from Newcastle and Durham, to Cardiff, Cornwall and Essex.

We have recently expanded our client base internationally, where ex-patriots or non-UK nationals have been prosecuted in England and Wales.  We have clients from Geneva, Singapore, Netherlands, Portugal and New Zealand.  To support further our growing international client base, we are developing associate contacts in Dubai.

Where face to face meetings are required, we can offer a range of accommodation options.  For example, if it is not possible to meet at one of our own offices, we can arrange a meeting at one of our affiliated offices if more convenient, or even arrange for a specific one-off serviced office location nearer to you if necessary.

Maximising the use of technology

We are able to operate effectively across the UK and internationally by maximising the use of technology.  For example, we offer video conferencing alongside conventional telephone and email as a matter of routine working arrangements.  In line with our core values, you will be able to contact anyone of your legal team, including our most senior partners, on their mobile to discuss any matter of your case when needed.  If busy or unavailable, they will always ring you back as soon as possible.

All of our client files and documentation are retained electronically.  This means that your case files can be accessed remotely, without the need to be office-bound.  Of course for this to work effectively, we ensure the most strict data security controls are in place around access to your personal information.  With these controls embedded, the benefits of working in this way mean that we can keep your costs down whilst being able to work flexibly from any location to offer you the best value for money service of the highest quality.