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Neal Gozzett

Neal GozzettNeal Gozzett is a Senior Partner at Monan Gozzett and is also a Higher Court Advocate. Neal has over 13 years experience in criminal law and specialises in serious complex litigation. This includes the most serious cases of criminal litigation ranging from serious violence, corporate manslaughter, large scale drug supply, sex offences and fraud. Neal advises frequently in false sex allegations and works with senior London Queen’s Counsel on a regular basis.

Through the use of effective representations (oral and written), Neal has a proven track record for getting cases discontinued at the early police station stage, thus avoiding the need for court proceedings which could otherwise be lengthy and stressful.

Neal has specific experience in Road Traffic Law, focusing on highly complex and technical cases, and for cases where the client is at risk of disqualification.

Neal’s experience also includes challenging legal decisions, where appropriate, through judicial reviews and tribunals. In addition, he has steered formal complaints against the Police through the Police Standards Directorate and advised individuals in regulatory matters i.e. The Football Association (FA).

In line with the values of Monan Gozzett, Neal’s thoroughness, attention to detail and willingness to go the extra mile for his clients, has enabled him to be successful in getting clients’ DNA and fingerprints removed from police records where cases are dropped.

Neal has developed a wide-ranging client portfolio over the years, which includes high-profile media/sports personalities and senior business men and women.

Recent Cases:

  • Serious Sexual Offence Allegation - Successful defence of a private banker / property developer who was falsely accused. Detailed written representations were submitted, alongside a comprehensive dossier that led to no further action being taken at the police investigation stage.
  • Assault – secures acquittal for Pilot accused of domestic violence. Extensive investigation and meticulous trial preparation lead to Not Guilty verdict at court. 
  • False Accusation - Teacher accused of grooming an ex-pupil represented and cleared with a decision of no further action.
  • Assaults and Harassment - No further action rewarded after Sussex businessman accused of multiple assaults and harassment against his ex-partner. Neal's representations were key in having the matter stopped after questioning the credibility of each allegation. 
  • Historic Rape – police station investigation halted after CPS take no further action after detailed written representations sent to CPS. Submitted lengthy representations alongside further evidence obtained - after conducting own investigation to ensure defence version of events looked at in detail, as police did not fully investigate leads provided in interview by client.  
  • Harassment - Business man acquitted on first day of trial of harassment against his ex-partner, after producing evidence to confirm he was being harassed and no action was taken by the police. The Crown offered no evidence on the day after submitting dossier
  • Rape – Senior IT consultant accused of Rape by ex-girlfriend. Own investigation conducted including witnesses not interviewed by police and detailed written representations submitted. No further action taken by Crown Prosecution Service
  • Rape – Midlands based businessman accused of Rape by ex-wife. Obtained evidence which supported his client’s case by obtaining media downloads and submitting report alongside detailed written representations to the police. Case did not make it to the Crown Prosecution Service for a charging decision, the Sergeant dealing with the case took no further action bringing a swift conclusion to the case
  • False Allegation - Driving Instructor represented and cleared of a false allegation and accusation by a pupil.  Our client was able to continue with his career and profession with a clear name.
  • Regulatory – instructed by client who was a football coach to challenge the Football Association in relation to a life time ban. Submitted lengthy complex legal arguments to obtain an oral hearing, this succeeded. At full hearing successful in persuading the appeal board to remove complete exclusion
  • Senior lawyer accused of sexual allegations - represented senior lawyer at International Banking institution accused of false sexual allegation. Representations made in enquiry which led to allegations being unfounded and client being re-instated to post
  • Sexual Assault - Neal Gozzett secures no further action for British expat, residing in France for historic sexual assault. His client residences in France and had to return for questioning and co-operated fully with the UK police force to avoid Interpol being involved. Neal Gozzett being pro-active from the start, avoided his client being under investigation for a lengthy period and as a result, the matter was concluded with no further action being taken
  • Sex offence - secured No Further Action after conducting own investigations alongside police investigation. This led to a swift conclusion of allegation against businessman accused of Sexual Assault
  • Assault - secured No Further Action for high flying city Accountant for false allegation against his son after making lengthy representations to the Crown Prosecution Service
  • Sex offence - Secured No Further Action for Teacher accused of historic sex offence. Expert preparation carried out which lead to a fast conclusion of the matter
  • Football Association (FA) disciplinary proceedings - representing a football coach before the FA disciplinary and safeguarding panel
  • Judicial Review - Representing Russian businessman in Judicial Review proceedings in relation the legality of the administration of a police caution
  • Judicial Review - Representing a teacher in relation to the legality of Social Services disclosures and procedures in relation to their investigation of an allegation made by a child
  • Assault - Rising star in English football acquitted of serious assault
  • Sexual Assault - businessman acquitted of Sexual Assault in Somerset at Taunton Crown Court
  • Attempted Murder – acquitted although admissions at scene to arresting officers
  • Corporate Manslaughter – businessman accused of death of worker at factory – case discontinued at police station
  • Large scale drugs supply – 12 week trial - involving multi-agency undercover surveillance from UK, Holland and Albania
  • Rape – 3 counts - acquitted on 2 counts of Rape at 1st trial on multiple women and acquitted on first count of Rape at re-trial
  • Rape - 22 count indictment of historic sex offences - acquitted on all counts
  • Sexual Offence – D accused of historic sex offence on step-daughter – acquitted
  • Sexual Offence – Case discontinued after lengthy written representations made between police station attendances – client advised by original solicitor to admit offence and accept a caution
  • Death by dangerous driving – delivery driver accused of death of elderly lady discontinued at police station
  • Drink Driving – client acquitted of drink driving at trial after lengthy legal submissions regarding continuity of sample
  • Driving under influence of drugs - Client acquitted of driving offences at trial after cross-examination of police officer regarding samples and procedure
  • Section 18 GBH - Secured No Further Action for father accused of "baby shaking" after submitting lengthy written representations to the CPS
  • Secured discontinuance at investigation stage for renowned game-art designer/author. The complex case involved the Police interviewing witnesses in America in relation to the case and after written representations from Neal Gozzett, the Police took no further action.
  • Stalking Accusation - Secured no further action case conclusion for city professional. Case fully reviewed and concluded prior to reaching the Crown Prosecution Service. Persuaded police to conduct a voluntary interview, leaving no trace on the Police National Computer. 

Relevant Qualifications

LLB Hons (Hons) 2001. Qualified as a solicitor in 2007.


Chichester Law Society, Solicitors Association of Higher Court Advocates (SAHCA) and The Fraud Lawyers Association.

What his clients say about him:

"The client focused, empathetic and supportive service that we received from Neal Gozzett can only be be described as outstanding. When faced with uncertain and stressful times you can be rest assured that Neal provides expert knowledge, support and a beam of hope when your feeling the hopelessness and disastrous impact that false allegations have. Neal didn't just support us, guide us and give us hope, he saved our lives, our families and preserved our characters. I would recommend Neal to anyone who is facing false allegations against them, he won't steer you wrong."
Being faced with a false allegation of assault left me feeling vulnerable and extremely worried for the future of my career and reputation. My first solicitor had a very laid back approach which left me feeling uneasy. Thankfully, my mother did some research and found Neal. His empathy, understanding and support from the very first telephone conference was a great comfort; this together with his proactive approach to investigation, his attention to detail, his fastidious preparation and his recommendation of expert counsel secured an acquittal. He made sure that I felt continuously supported with regular contact and updates. I would not hesitate for a second in recommending Neal to anybody that finds themselves in a similar situation. I have my life back!"
I wasn't even aware these allegations had been made and recorded on NICHE by South Wales Police. These false allegations had a direct impact on my career and livelihood. I spent a whole year trying to clear my name through the Police and Data Protection system. I was passed from pillar to post by the system to no avail. I then contacted several law firms via Google search. Many of whom could not help and some did not even bother to reply to my query. Neal Gozzett replied and gave me some hope to be able to fight these false allegations. We discussed my case and Neal thoroughly examined all the evidence I had gathered. He liaised with his team and advised me of his recommended plan of action. Neal was always considerate and empathetic of my circumstances. Most importantly Neal gave me confidence to expect a positive outcome. Now my career is back on track following two years of struggle as a result of the false allegations. All thanks to Neal and his team. I am using Monan Gozzett Solicitors to represent me in my Matrimonial Case. I would definitely choose Monan Gozzett Solicitors to represent me and you.
"Thank you for such a splendid result in court last Tuesday. Having this hanging over our son for many months has in itself produced positive results in his life and then to walk away with a not guilty verdict is indeed, further proof that life is on the up!

Both my husband and I felt that your advocacy skills in the courtroom were first class displaying a superb balance between politeness and steely pursuit of the true facts. You have a demeanour and presence that inspires confidence.

We will be be recommending you."
"Let me say thank you for all your time, effort, intelligence and energy on our behalf. You have been exceptional."
“Thanks for all your help during the last half year or so.
I know you've worked very hard on my behalf and I really appreciate it.
I got a very good result at court.”
"Neal was at court early this morning and after much persuasion, managed to get the case dismissed!! This is such an excellent result. He has been so very professional, organised and articulate in his dealings with me. I cannot tell you how relieved I am after worrying about this case and especially with not having to go into court and the matter being dismissed. Thank you once again."
"I would like to personally thank you for your advice and assistance at court. Your strategic advocacy and professionalism gave me the best result in court.

It was your due diligence and expertise that most impressed me and your ability to relate to my situation.

Once again many thanks and I will of course recommend you to any colleagues or family if they ever require a lawyer."
"I would like to share my experience with Neal Gozzett. It is the first time that I have needed a lawyer for false accusations, therefore I was scared of not making the right decision, but I have to say Neal certainly was one of the best. Neal has been a fantastic support throughout all matters and I found him very professional. He has always done what he says will do and there was never a need to chase him up on anything. Thanks to Neal our end result was great as he managed to get the case dismissed without having to go to court. A huge relief thanks to Neal. I would highly recommend Neal. An amazing lawyer who gets amazing results."
"We would like to thank Neal for all of his support and hard work during the difficult time that we went through as a family, over an allegation made against our 15 year old son of sexual assault. Neal got the case NFA'd before any possible court action, which was a massive relief to us all. It was great to know that Neal supported us as a family every step of the way throughout this difficult time, and the advice he gave through many telephone conversations and face to face meeting was very reliable and professional. We will always be eternally grateful for his support and would definitely recommend Neal and his team. Thank you."
"I am beyond happy with my experience with Neal and his team. They were all incredible and the result I received was beyond what I could of expected. I was truly overwhelmed by the outcome and the sheer will power and talent that Neal and his team seem to radiate. Neal went above and beyond normal expectations and managed to dig up every relevant case to use in the proceedings. He was truly amazing, he made me feel at ease and explained every part of the process so well I didn’t once feel under prepared or on my own. It was a pleasure to have someone like him looking out for my best interest. I would recommend his company to anyone dealing with an impossible task as he will find a way! Many thanks to Neal and every member of his team."
"I was falsely accused of a serious allegation by a family member. I was unsure what to do or who to call. I managed to find Neal’s details across the internet. After speaking with him it was obvious he was very experienced dealing with these types of cases.

Neal found flaws in the allegation and started work on these immediately. The case was prolonged over a 12 month period due to staff absences within the Police force.

Neal continued to put pressure on the Police to make sure this case was resolved ASAP. He made it clear his intention was to have this case dropped and not for it to progress to the CPS as it would cost me a lot more money and time.

Neal had the case dropped, allowing me to move forward in my life.

He’s courteous, professional, experienced and straight to the point. You pay for what you get and I’m truly grateful I chose Neal to represent me."
"A false allegation of harassment by an ex-partner left me feeling worried and completely out of my depth, in understanding the legal system and where to turn. A search on Google introduced me to Neal Gozzett of Monan Gozzett solicitors. Neal immediately reassured me with his knowledge and also confidence on how to proceed and taking control of the situation by taking immediate action. Nothing was ever sugar coated, but I felt I had someone on my side who was fighting with me to ensure the outcome was favourable, which in the end it was due to his excellent advice and action he took. I would thoroughly recommend Neal Gozzett if you ever find yourself in the unfortunate situation of being subject to a false allegation, his skills and support throughout the process were excellent."
"Allegations were made against me. I then contacted and met with Neal Gozzett of Monan Gozzett solicitors. In the initial meeting I summarised the matter in full with Neal, he then provided comprehensive advice on the matter putting my mind at rest.

Based on the meeting I then decided to engage Neal to progress the matter on my behalf. Neal initiated the process by contacting the officer in charge and submitting a set of structured questions, also advising the OIC that Monan Gozzett will be submitting representations on my behalf.

This action is so key at this point in order to stand a chance of an early NFA decision. A couple of weeks later Neal received a phone call from the officer in charge, stating that no further action will be taken, matter closed. Neal then contacted me and delivered the good news, I was so pleased, I can’t thank Neal and his team enough.

I would like to emphasise the regular updates I received from Neal throughout the whole process. He phoned me, WhatsApp’d me, and accepted my phone calls early evening. Generally, you will not be able to speak with a solicitor after 4:30/5:00 pm. Yet at gone 6pm on some evenings Neal was quite happy to discuss matters with me. Neal, thank you sir, I’m over the moon. I would highly recommend Neal Gozzett of Monan Gozzett solicitors if you are facing a false allegation of any kind."
"We both, my mother and myself, are very grateful to Neal and the rest of the team for your assistance in this difficult time of my mother’s life. Neal’s performance was outstanding on the day of the court hearing. We got the best possible result in given circumstances."
"Neal and his team have been outstanding. I sought their help having been Released Under Investigation, further to three months on bail, after being arrested over an allegation that I felt was unfounded. I had been unable to work during this time and needed the matter resolved to prevent my career and livelihood collapsing around me. In under four weeks of my first appointment with Neal, the police No Further Actioned the investigation and I was able to return to work. I strongly feel that it was Neal’s intervention and communication with the police that brought the matter to a conclusion. Had I remained with a Duty Solicitor I could have been under investigation for some considerable time which, despite denying the allegation, would have destroyed my career. I am incredibly grateful to Monan Gozzett Solicitors for their care and expertise in handling my situation."
"Neal and his team have been outstanding. I sought their help having been Released Under Investigation, further to three months on bail, after being arrested over an allegation that I felt was unfounded. I had been unable to work during this time and needed the matter resolved to prevent my career and livelihood collapsing around me.

In under four weeks of my first appointment with Neal, the police No Further Actioned the investigation and I was able to return to work. I strongly feel that it was Neal's intervention and communication with the police that brought the matter to a conclusion. Had I remained with a Duty Solicitor I could have been under investigation for some considerable time which, despite denying the allegation, would have destroyed my career.

I am incredibly grateful to Monan Gozzett Solicitors for their care and expertise in handling my situation."