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Mellissa Piggott

Melissa PiggottMellissa Piggott, is a Senior Paralegal at Monan Gozzett Solicitors with over 6 years’ experience working on a range of complex criminal cases, specialising in false allegations and serious sexual offences.  Mellissa also undertakes matters involving firearms licence revocation and appeals. 
Mellissa's robust approach when undertaking police interviews, together with her focus on making representations of the highest quality at police investigation stage, ensures she is successful at getting cases discontinued at an early stage. 
Mellissa is experienced in undertaking complex trial preparation for Crown Court cases; working alongside a number of the country’s leading Queen’s Counsel.  She also regularly advises clients on safeguarding matters, where false allegations have been threatened but no formal investigation by the police has commenced.  She also advises individuals in relation to complaints against the police through the Professional Standards Department and, where appropriate, civil actions against the police.’
Mellissa is an Affiliate member of the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives.

Recent Cases
  • Professional accused of two allegations of rape and two allegations of assault – submitted written representations alongside further evidence obtained during own investigation to ensure evidence which supported her client’s case was considered – case did not proceed to the Crown Prosecution Service for a charging decision and the officer in the case took no further action. 
  • Serious sexual offence allegation – no further action taken by Police following pro-active involvement in the investigation at an early stage. 
  • A businessman accused of sexual assault – defendant acquitted after a 5-day trial.  
  • Firearms appeal – representations made to Surrey and Sussex Firearms Licencing Unit at an early stage result in the proceedings being dropped prior to the final hearing at Lewes Crown Court. 
  • Businessman accused of sexual assault - as a result of early intervention at the police investigation stage, this enabled a voluntary interview to be negotiated that avoided the complications that often arise following arrest and the information subsequently being recorded on the Police National Computer.
  • A student accused of sexual assault – Mellissa’s pro-active approach assisted in bringing a swift conclusion to the case.
  • Rape allegation - no further action taken by Police following pro-active involvement in the investigation at an early stage, together with the bringing of critical information to support the defence to the attention of the Police. 
  • A businessman accused of rape and controlling and coercive behaviour – a significant investment of effort at an early stage e.g. submissions, social media evidence and crucial records of communications which supported the client’s case, were provided during the police investigation. This ensured a successful outcome, namely, that the matter did not proceed to the Crown Prosecution Service for a charging decision; as the Police were persuaded to take no further action.
  • Defendant charged with three counts of indecency with a child and one count of indecent assault – case successfully discontinued following comprehensive trial preparation and the instruction of experts.
  • Businessman accused of two counts of child cruelty successfully acquitted at Court following comprehensive background research and trial preparation. 
  • Operation Amberstone (a high-profile police operation) - a retired fireman accused of three allegations of sexual assault - successful in being acquitted at Court.
  • Complex and high-profile allegation - successful in getting the matter discontinued early on during police investigation.
  • A senior Staff Cadet (scouts) accused of a range of sexual allegations - successful in the matter being discontinued at an early stage in the police investigation after submission of defence representations.
  • A businessman accused of historic rape and sexual assault – acquitted on all counts at trial.  Key to the success was the sustained tenacity and never-say-die ethos of the defence team to obtain written disclosures from the prosecution.
  • A businessman accused of date rape – following comprehensive preparation and the instruction of leading Queen’s Counsel, the defendant was acquitted after 5-day trial.
  • A defendant accused of two allegations of assault including rape – successful in getting the case discontinued before going to trial.
  • A woman accused of theft from an elderly relative as part of a Wills & Probate dispute - following lengthy and comprehensive preparation, the defendant was acquitted at trial.