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Maria Monan

Maria MonanMaria Monan is a senior partner, a leading UK litigation lawyer and Higher Court Advocate at Monan Gozzett Solicitors. She is a recommended lawyer in the Legal 500 and a leading lawyer in the UK edition of Super Lawyers, who specialises in false allegation cases. She has also recently been awarded “Best in Financial Criminal Defence - UK” by the Woman in Wealth Awards. She has over 20 years experience in defending private clients facing serious sexual offences, complex criminal allegations, business crime, tax and VAT fraud, and is respected within the profession for her high profile case load. She represents a number of media and popular culture celebrities and company directors, and has achieved remarkable success in winning contested cases, frequently working alongside some of the country's leading Queens Counsel.

Recent Cases
  • Health care professional accused of historic sex allegations against children - Discontinued by the police at investigation stage after extensive defence investigations resulting in written representations for the disclosure of information that could have undermined the Crowns case.
  • Medical student accused of rape, investigation discontinued after written representations made.
  • Student accused of threats to kill, discontinued after written representations.
  • Company director accused of indecent assault investigation discontinued after written representations.
  • Schoolboy accused of two allegations of rape, investigation discontinued after written representations
  • Retired care professional accused of multiple rapes and sexual assault, Defendant acquitted following lengthy case preparation and defence investigations.
  • Special constable accused of child neglect offences discontinued after new evidence brought to light in written representations.
  • Pilot investigated for making false representations to obtain a licence, case discontinued after written representations.
  • Businessman accused of historic allegations of rape, and attempted rape acquitted after expert evidence obtained by the defence to show partial alibi.
  • Young teacher accused of assault of a child discontinued at the police station. A complex case - defence preparation prior to interview highlighted significant factual differences and a general lack of support and paucity of training which ultimately led to no further action being taken by the police.
  • Young mother accused of GBH (baby shaking) – Discontinued by police at investigation stage, the Defence having highlighted the negligence of hospital physicians. Child returned to mother’s care as a result.
  • Media Personality accused of two counts of child cruelty successfully acquitted at Court following comprehensive investigation into social media evidence.
  • Popular culture celebrities accused of child neglect, discontinued at the police station after lengthy defence investigations
  • Musician accused of Assault - avoided custodial sentence
  • Minister accused of ABH, allegation involved kicking the alleged aggrieved to the head. The defence maintained client had acted solely in defence of another and that the allegations were factually incorrect - acquitted at trial.
  • Professional business man charged with GBH, following comprehensive preparation, the instruction of leading Queens Counsel and an expert physician the defendant was acquitted by the jury following a submissions of no case to answer.
  • Defendant accused of conspiracy to commit fraud acquitted at trial defence having located key evidence after undertaking detailed consideration of the substantial bundles of unused material supplied by the Crown (co-defendants convicted after trial, two of whom have been sentenced to custodial sentences of four and five years respectively).
  • Operation Odin – Large scale drugs conspiracy involving 14 defendants spanning the Sussex and Hampshire Counties resulting in Proceeds of Crime investigations.
  • Operation Staple – Defendants charged with 24 sexual offences against 13 teenage girls in Sussex as part of an investigation into an alleged child sexual exploitation circle.
Relevant Qualifications

LLB (Hons) in 1989. Qualified as a solicitor in 1994.

Professional Experience

Senior Partner for 16 years in a number of high profile law firms in London and the South East.


Law Society, Former President of Chichester Law Society, CLSA, Specialist Fraud Panel, Association of Higher Court Advocates (SAHCA) and The Fraud Lawyers Association.

Areas of Expertise
  • False allegations
  • Representations at Police Station investigation stage
  • Business crime
  • Money laundering
  • Tax and VAT fraud
  • POCA proceedings
  • Complex criminal investigations
  • Private crime
  • Road traffic offences
What her clients say about her:

"When I offered to write up a review of my experience of working with Maria Monan I readily agreed to do it. I then realised that it really wasn’t that simple, as no words can really describe what she has done for me, my partner, my family and my life! Her specialist field of legal representation in false accusations is without a doubt the best that there is to offer, by far. My case was dealt with the utmost detail and with the personal attention that was needed from time to time, especially when the stress of the case was at it highest. I owe my liberty and future to her."
"So here we are Maria, light finally at the end of this very long dark tunnel. I'm sat here shaking my head still trying to fathom out how all this could have happened, how a profession that is entrusted with the greatest responsibility of all, the education of the next generation, can treat such a valuable resource in her formative first year in such a shocking way! The wounds will heal but I suspect a scar will remain for sometime. Finally may I once gain thank you for your support throughout the process, a ridged force we all were able to cling onto!"
"It was thanks to Maria’s superlative written representations to the CPS and the police, that the case was dropped prior to charge… I strongly believe that if I had put my trust in the legal system and sat back until the investigation was complete, I would currently be waiting for a court date, facing financial ruin with my name in the papers and my reputation in tatters".
"I called Neal when the situation was desperate. That was undoubtedly the best call I have made in my life. Monan Gozzett did nothing less than give us our lives back... ...We could never have coped and got through things without having Maria and Ms Grey behind us. The absolute relief when the jury returned unanimous verdicts of not guilty on both counts is indescribable. The debt we owe them is incalculable. The value of what they gave us back is priceless. We could have had no idea how things would evolve from one false allegation. Without Maria and Ms Grey behind us, an innocent man could well have gone to prison." Click to read the full testimonial

"After being falsely accused of historic physical child abuse and neglect, I was totally overwhelmed by the situation and was in total shock. I received poor advice from the duty solicitor and it was clear that this was an area of law outside of his expertise and the expertise of local solicitors.

I didn’t know where to turn to and I immediately started thinking of the worst case scenario - going to prison for something that I hadn’t done! As soon as I arrived home I knew that it was imperative to get expert legal advice and after searching the Internet I found Maria…I was an emotional wreck but I immediately felt supported and I knew that I had made the right choice.

My case was extremely complicated with a lengthy background of harassment and family disputes, but this was not a problem for Maria who has so much experience in dealing with these types of cases that there wasn’t anything that she hadn’t heard before - making it easy for her to pick out the relevant evidence.

Maria …provided me with excellent legal representation and it was thanks to Maria’s superlative written representations to the CPS and the police, that the case was dropped prior to charge. Maria ensured that the CPS and the police treated me fairly and took notice of my case, presenting a great deal of evidence that the police didn’t have…

The investigating officer stated that Maria’s representations led to a number of further enquiries that unearthed evidence that the police didn’t have. I strongly believe that if I had put my trust in the legal system and sat back until the investigation was complete, I would currently be waiting for a court date, facing financial ruin with my name in the papers and my reputation in tatters.

I can’t thank Maria enough for what she has done for me and if you are reading this and are in a similar situation to me, stay strong and contact Maria as soon as you can. This has been the worst situation that I have ever been through but my life is now back to normal and I will be eternally grateful to Maria for her help."

"I found Maria to be very personable and she immediately put me at ease during a daunting time. The case was complex, but Maria understood the whole situation with ease. Maria's involvement from the outset was vital and her representation was robust and extremely knowledgeable. Ultimately, Maria's involvement secured an NFA at the police interview stage, leading to the relief that the right decision was made quickly."
“Maria’s immediate response to my initial email sent in the early hours with a phone call at 9.00 am that morning started the process of my defence with dynamic lines of action.

Every meeting or phone call, was always full of professionalism and understanding for the issues I was facing.

My choice of Magistrate or Crown Court were meticulously explained and the implications given for each. Mellissa was also the perfect reassuring anchor, always keeping me informed, enabling me to keep myself grounded. Even when the first trial date was postponed, Neal’s attitude was always positive and continued to raise my spirits.

In court, counsel held the jury’s attention and everyone else in court, with strategic arguments being so well presented. With touches of irony, crucial points made perfectly, especially when questioning the witnesses and in counsel’s closing speech made a simple understandable narrative for the jury.

You phoned me immediately once the unanimous ‘not guilty’ verdict had been returned to share my relief and always went above and beyond with your concern for my welfare, especially when dealing with family allegations.

Once again my sincere thanks to you all and all the very best for a continuing successful practice."
"Finding myself arrested and falsely accused of assault came as a complete shock. The duty solicitor available to represent me at the police station that night did nothing to allay my very real fears that this matter might drag on into a Court case, and if the Police would prosecute such an allegation perhaps the Court might convict on it too? This was probably one of the most stressful periods of my life as the repercussions of a conviction would have devastating consequences on my career, livelihood and family.

I was fortunate to find Monan Gozzett in my search for a specialist in this field and from my first contact with them I felt tremendously reassured by their calm professionalism. It was a source of great relief to know that they had the expertise and experience to deal with just this sort of situation.

Maria understood the situation and made strong representations to the Police to enable my voice to be heard. Her strategy prevented any Court action and ultimately led to a swift and efficient conclusion to the matter. I could not have been in safer hands and I would not hesitate to recommend Monan Gozzett to anyone in a similar situation."
"Monan Gozzett Solicitors successfully helped me through an upsetting and stressful time, but with Maria’s professionalism and expertise enabled us to calmly get through what was a very unsettling period.

Maria’s acumen and sensitivity supported by the team, helped us through a time of dreadful and unbelievable accusations. This has recently come to its finale with us achieving an apology and substantial compensation. We are grateful, not only for the success of the case, but for the way in which Maria & The Monan Gozzett team handled everything."