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Asif Chaudhery

Asif Chaudhery

Asif Chaudhery is a solicitor with 10 years experience working within the legal industry.  Having started his career as a barristers’ clerk, he brings an experienced perspective across the UK legal landscape to his work.  He specialises in civil law and has built up a wide range of experience and caseload variety in the civil law landscape.  

Although the civil law landscape is wide ranging, there are certain critical success factors, qualities and insights consistent across the discipline which Asif brings to all his cases.  These include:

  • the ability to understand and assess complex matters and scenarios quickly.
  • determining the critical sequencing of required tasks and undertaking these efficiently and with tenacity, often within tight timelines to ensure the necessary targets are met.
  • prioritising clear and concise communication, both with clients and relevant third parties throughout the journey of the case.

Adhering to these has enabled Asif to build a track record of success to his civil caseload across the South East.

Recent cases

  • Landlord and tenants disputes - successfully defending his landlord clients where a section 21 notice was issued against them.
  • Company and tenant disputes - successfully representing a management company in a dispute with tenants.
  • Company director – successfully representing a director in an intra-company director dispute  (section 994 dispute).
  • Breach of contract – successfully pursuing return of monies to his client through high court enforcement of debt recovery.
  • Employment law – drafting highly complex and intricate new employment contracts.

Relevant Qualifications

Legal Practice Course (LPC) with Distinction in 2016, and qualified as a Solicitor in 2018.

Professional experience and memberships

10 years’ experience as a Barristers’ clerk at Chambers (London) and Solicitor (trainee and qualified) within high profile firms across the South East.

Money Advice Plus Trustee & DirectorAsif is also a Trustee & Director for Money Advice Plus - a registered charity (Money Advice & Community Support Service) with headquarters in Hove, West Sussex. Money Advice Plus helps and supports people experiencing difficulty managing their money or financial affairs.

Areas of expertise

  • Dispute resolution (including inter and intra company)
  • Complex and high profile civil and commercial litigation work (including landlord and tenant disputes, breach of contract)
  • Harassment & Claims
  • Actions against the Police
  • Employment Law & Education Law
  • Director Disputes
  • Judicial Review
  • Travel & Visa Advice
  • Reputation & Crisis Management
  • Appealing a caution
  • Debt recovery

What clients say about him

"Asif Chaudhery is a amazing solicitor. I was recommended to Asif by a appointed criminal barrister that was dealing with a very complex case of mine , he was engaging and very professional from the initial meeting we had . I was very impressed with not only his professional knowledge but his actual passion to help me achieve my goal in the case . He is extremely personable and a genuine nice person which is added to his exceptional professional skills as a lawyer , it’s quite difficult to find such a personality in the law industry. I am pleased to say that Asif and I have built a solid professional relationship , he has been advising me on other company matters , I am sure he will continue to be our appointed company lawyer going forward"
"I much prefer to appoint a local company and one that is recommended, Asif (all be it we have only met twice) has been a gentleman and very kind, so I trust his judgment."
"Asif - I would like to thank you most sincerely for your perseverance with me. You have an excellent manner with people - clear concise patient and confident without being in any way overbearing. You've given me more help than I ever expected to receive. Trying to sort this mess out on my own has been difficult but in that short time on the phone you've made a huge difference to my take on the situation"
"We would like to thank you for your unbiased, professional and unemotional advice. It helped us understand the whole picture (and ourselves) and It is very highly appreciated."
"My mother had recently been involved in a road traffic accident and had been ‘represented’ by a company with very poor customer service. On a recommendation I contacted Asif Chaudhery at MG for a second opinion on how her case was being handled. A short call with Asif convinced us that there were solicitors out there that really could provide insightful and attentive customer service after all. Without hesitation we instructed the initial company to transfer the case to Asif. The subsequent support we received from Asif was second to none, making himself available to us throughout our engagement and responding to correspondence quickly and personally. Asif is clearly an expert in his field, a champion of customer service and an exemplar to his industry. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending his services."
“Asif helped us deal with a very distressing matter with patience, understanding, professionalism and courtesy. He is a great communicator, so we knew exactly where we stood. He also got things done for us when he said he would. He gave us excellent customer service and would have no hesitation in recommending him in the future”
“Asif has worked with dogged determination to attempt to resolve a long and difficult matter. He is easy to talk to and is always willing to explain all legal matters in layman terms so that we understand all aspects of the case and its progress. We can thoroughly recommend his services.”
“Thank you for all your hard work you have put in to help us. When we thought there was no answer to the awful situation we were in with our previous solicitors, you stepped in to make things right. You have continued to be helpful, patient and show empathy to us through a very hard time. We trust you implicitly with your decisions for us and will never use another solicitor ever again”
"I'm sorry for not getting back to you sooner on this.... Mainly, I just want to say this letter is actually perfect - thank you so, so much. You're a legend, Asif, you really are. I'm sorry I've been a tricky client but I am truly, truly grateful for you having taken on my matter and being so kind and patient throughout. I very much look forward to this being the end of this matter and recommending you to anyone I ever meet. You're the kind of lawyer I can only dream of being one day and I mean that sincerely."
"Asif, Thank you for your advice yesterday, It gave me the strength and confidence to confront the situation."
"Thanks so much, Asif. Honestly, just reading your letter made me feel so much better. It's hard to explain but I've felt so isolated and lonely about this issue for so long so it just feels really good to know I'm not alone. You are a legend of a lawyer, and I just hope I'm as good, and calm, as smart, and wise as you one day. Please take great care of yourself and your family."
"I really believe it’s an amazing letter, just what I was looking for when I commissioned you to act on this matter. Thank you so much I look forward to receiving the reply!"
"Hi Asif. I just wanted to contact you to let you know I had the county court hearing today for the matter I spoke to yourself and counsel about with regards to a debt claim. I wanted to thank you for yours and counsels help with the matter because your advice and honesty in the matter was invaluable and gave us real clarity."